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Founder & CEO

Michael Tolentino

As the CEO of Health Insurance Pros, Mike assumes responsibility for managing the company’s operations, fostering the growth of new agents, and maintaining client satisfaction. He is dedicated to cultivating robust client relationships and delivering the necessary assistance and advice for clients to effectively navigate the intricate realm of health insurance.

Team Lead

Simon Bernal

Simon embodies the qualities of a dynamic team leader, demonstrating proactive leadership by actively participating in business writing alongside his team. He garners respect from his team members due to his strong work ethic, unwavering dedication, and readiness to tackle challenges side by side with them.

Team Lead

Jesus Burga

Jesus, with 10 years as an experienced team leader, he brings a wealth of leadership expertise and a drive to achieve results. His dedication to excellence and his focus on cultivating a collaborative team atmosphere are poised to lead us to further success. Jesus’s innovative sales strategies and his commitment to empowering team members greatly enhance our team dynamic

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At Health Services Pro, our mission is to revolutionize the insurance landscape by providing comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage tailored to the unique needs of entrepreneurs and consumers. We are dedicated to offering innovative, affordable, and reliable insurance solutions that prioritize your well-being and financial security. Experience the difference with Health Services Pro – the ultimate choice for personalized, all-inclusive insurance coverage designed to empower your success and protect your future.


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